Owens Corning Woodmoor Shingles

Where natural beauty is made even better – 

Woodmoor shingles are designed to transform your home dramatically with dimension and texture that might remind you of wood shake but with excellent durability and less maintenance. These shingles offer peace of mind because the meet the highest fire-resistant standards in the industry. Our shingles are available in 8 color blends that are inspired by nature. Give your roof a pop of color you can’t get in real wood. You want to feel the most comfortable and protected in your home. It should be a source of pride and expression of you. When the time comes to get a new roof, it’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed. Owens Corning and Old World Roofing is here to help. It’s easy to find the right shingle for your home and sense of style. You should feel confident about choosing us. Owens Corning has been a recognized leader in the building industry for over 75 years. Transform your entire home with a natural look that will last for years and years. This is an excellent choice not only for outstanding performance and protection but also for beauty and comfort. Feel right at home every time you pull into the driveway.

Woodmoor Shingles Product Specifications

  • Nominal Size: 14/14” x 40”
  • Nominal Weight: 465 lbs.
  • Exposure 4”
  • Shingles per Bundle: 15
  • Bundles per Square: 6
  • Coverage per Square: 100 sq. ft.

WoodStart Starter Shingles Product Specifications

  • Nominal Size: 40” x 13 3/8”
  • Pieces per Bundle: 16
  • Lineal Feet per Bundle: 53.33


Woodmoor Shingles in Carbon

Woodmoor Shingles in Chestnut 

Woodmoor Shingles in Granite

Woodmoor Shingles in Mesquite

Woodmoor Shingles in Sycamore

                         Woodmoor Shingles in Timber