Stratton Meadows

Stratton Meadows is a unique neighborhood. Many of the residents commute by car, while others walk to work and take public transportation. The neighborhood has a low crime rate, which is important to consider when purchasing a home. Stratton Meadows has a diverse population, and residents tend to come from different areas.

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The neighborhood is located near several popular shopping centers. Broadmoor Town Center has numerous shops, restaurants, and even a grocery store. It also has a fitness center. Stratton Meadows Colorado is a great place to live for families with young children, as there are plenty of parks and playgrounds for families to spend time at.

Stratton Meadows, Colorado is about 56 miles from the center of several large cities. The largest airport is located in Denver, which is a bit farther from the town. There are also smaller towns located within this distance. If you’re planning to visit the town of Stratton Meadows, Colorado during your stay, you can look for flights to nearby towns and cities. You’ll be surprised at the number of options available.

Stratton Meadows real estate comprises small and medium sized houses. Some of these homes are rental units. The neighborhood is ideal for families or retirees who want a quiet and affordable living space. Many of the homes in Stratton Meadows were built between 1940 and 1969. Stratton Meadows home vacancy rates are 8.1%, which is below the national average.

If you’re interested in buying a home in Stratton Meadows Colorado, you can contact a real estate agent in the community. The agents will be able to provide you with comprehensive information about the homes for sale in Stratton Meadows and nearby neighborhoods. You can also register for a free email alert to receive updates on new listings.

Stratton Meadows, CO is full of useful amenities, and it offers easy access to one of the best roofing companies in the state of Colorado. Residents of Stratton Meadows, CO enjoy having easy access to top-rated, certified roofers any time they are having roofing troubles. To learn more about the best roofing company in Colorado, check it out here.