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Salt Creek, CO

The Crime Grade map shows the most dangerous and safest neighborhoods in Salt Creek. The dangerous neighborhoods are in red and the moderately safe areas are in yellow. Each area is rated according to its crime rate, and the A grade indicates that the crime rate in Salt Creek is below average. This puts Salt Creek in the 87th percentile. While only 13% of cities are safer, 87% are considered more dangerous. All crime rates are based on crime occurring within the city’s boundaries.

The income distribution is quite even in Salt Creek, CO. The majority of residents are White, while only a small percentage are African-American or Asian. This diversity reflects the diversity in Salt Creek, CO. There are 243 households in Salt Creek CO, and the median annual income of each is $43,750. This is slightly higher than the national average of $65,712 and compared to its parent and neighboring geographies. Most people in Salt Creek, CO drive alone to work, while about 35 percent carpool or take public transportation.

As a community, Salt Creek is part of the Pueblo Metropolitan Statistical Area. Its population is approximately 601, making it a lower density area than the rest of the Pueblo Metropolitan Statistical Area. However, the median age is the same as the national average. It’s best to research the Salt Creek CO area’s earthquake and tornado history to find out which is most likely to strike your neighborhood. And don’t forget to check out the local businesses!

In the 1980s, Salt Creek was designated a state waterway. However, the mill was stripped of this designation when they were making significant changes. Without a state waterway designation, the mill was not required to report pollution levels to the state. The Colorado Water Quality Control Act now requires that Salt Creek CO treat wastewater before re-entry. Because of the pollution levels, environmental groups are fighting for the restoration of the state’s environmental protections.

People in Salt Creek CO speak a variety of languages. In this neighborhood, the predominant language spoken is English. Despite this diversity, most people prefer to speak English at home. In fact, 84.1% of households in the area speak English, Spanish, or Italian. Among the other neighborhoods, Blende/Salt Creek is the most affluent, with a median price of $284,157. Its average rent is $957

If you’re looking for things to do in Salt Creek, you’ll find many interesting attractions. If you have children, check out the Pueblo Zoo, which holds regular events and special events. Or, if you’re an outdoor person, head to the beautiful Lake Pueblo State Park. The scenic bike tour includes a bicycle, a helmet, water, and snacks. There’s even a historical commentary. There’s also a scenic boat tour and the Colorado River.