How Many Layers of Roofing is OK?

How Many Layers Of Roofing Is Ok? - Old World Roofing

“I’m not sure if I need to have my roof stripped. How many layers of roofing is OK?” KEY TAKEAWAYS: How many layers of roofing is OK? You can have up to 2 layers of roofing on your home’s roof at one time. If you have one layer of roofing on your home, you can […]

What are the 3 Signs that I Need Roof Repairs?

What Are The 3 Signs That I Need Roof Repairs? - Old World Roofing

“I think I might have roof damage. What are the 3 signs that I need roof repairs?” KEY TAKEAWAYS: What are the 3 signs that I need roof repairs? Damaged roofs will tell you when it’s time to ask for repairs. Here are a few obvious signs of roof damage that every homeowner can easily […]

Can You Patch a Leaky Roof?

Can You Patch A Leaky Roof? - Old World Roofing

“I have some minor roof damages. Can you patch a leaky roof? Or will I have to hire a roofing contractor?”  Great question! If you have minor roof damages, then it’s only natural to wonder, can you patch a leaky roof or is this something I can patch up myself? So, let’s talk about when […]