Pueblo Riverwalk

Top 5 Attractions in Pueblo, CO

In addition to a beautiful Riverwalk, this Colorado city has plenty of other attractions worth visiting. A few are the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum, the Visitors’ Center, and the Veterans’ Bridge. Read on to learn more. Until then, make sure to check out our tips for visiting Pueblo. Listed below are some of the city’s top attractions. While you’re in town, visit all of them!

Pueblo Riverwalk

Explore the urban waterfront on the 32-acre Riverwalk in Pueblo, CO, a city that boasts year-round water activities. Designed as an urban waterfront experience, the Riverwalk features 7 restaurants, a variety of shops, sculpture walks and gardens, and is also a popular community gathering place. There are many beautiful spots for weddings, private events, and community celebrations. Throughout the year, Riverwalk excursion boats offer tours of the city’s history and live music performances.

The Pueblo Riverwalk is free to visit and includes open areas where music and movies are held monthly. It also hosts the Fourth of July celebration every year. It ties into the city’s urban renewal efforts, including a plaza connecting the Riverwalk to the convention center. A narrated history of the Riverwalk is included in the excursion boat tours. Gondola rides are popular among couples, and are also available for guests to enjoy the scenery.

Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum

Founded in the mid-1970s by a former city manager from Pueblo, Colorado, the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft (PWAM) is a non-profit aviation museum. Two new hangars were built in 2005 and 2011 to house the museum’s collection of aircraft. Visiting the PWAM is a must for aviation enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

The museum’s collection is composed of vintage planes, including a B-24 bomber, which was used during World War II as a training base. You’ll also find military uniforms and arms from the time, as well as relics from American Wars. There’s also a scale model of Pueblo’s Memorial Airport during World War II. If you’re traveling to Pueblo, don’t miss this unique museum.

Pueblo Weisbrod Visitors’ Center

The Pueblo Weisbrod Visitors’ Centre is a nonprofit aviation museum located in Pueblo, Colorado. Founded by former Pueblo City Manager Fred Weisbrod in the mid-70s, this museum is comprised of two hangars, built in 2005 and 2011.

A fascinating museum dedicated to the history of air transport is the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum, located six miles east of the city center. Built in 1943, this museum pays tribute to World War Two veterans by displaying over thirty vintage airplanes and military uniforms from different eras. Visitors can see a scale model of Pueblo Memorial Airport during wartime operations, which is a must-see attraction.

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Pueblo Weisbrod Veterans’ Bridge

The $1.5 million Pueblo Weisbrod Veterans’ Memorial includes a pedestrian footbridge and monument honoring all veterans, regardless of branch of service or whether they served during peacetime or war. While the monument recognizes the service of men and women of all branches of the armed forces, the bridge honors all veterans, no matter what their branch of service was or whether they served during peacetime or war.

Dedicated in 2010, the Pueblo Weisbrod Veterans’ Memorial features eight granite plaques honoring Pueblo veterans. About 5,800 names are engraved on the bridge. During the dedication ceremony, more than 5,000 names were written. But several hundred names were requested after that date, according to HARP Authority members. As a sign of thanks, the bridge includes a plaque honoring those who serve our country.

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