Pueblo Railway Museum

The Pueblo Railway Museum

The Pueblo Railway Museum is part of the Pueblo Railroad Foundation and features artifacts from five major railroads. You can get a ride on the museum’s trains and enjoy the educational events. Tickets to these events are affordable, and you can download free educational handouts to enjoy your visit. The museum’s train rides are part of the Foundation’s mission to preserve the heritage of railroads.

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Pueblo’s railway museum is part of the Pueblo Railway Foundation

The railway museum is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers that aims to promote the history of railroading in the Southeastern Colorado region. The museum is open to the public and hosts special educational programs. Visitors can take virtual tours of the museum or learn more about the history of Pueblo by visiting the Southeast Colorado Heritage Center. It also has special events throughout the summer, such as special tours for students.

The museum has exhibits, a reconstructed 1840s adobe trading post, and other interesting railroad history. The museum is operated by an all-volunteer organization, the Pueblo Railway Foundation. The museum also houses one of the largest collections of railroad equipment in the state. It is also home to a family of Thatchers who created the railroad’s earliest era of history. The museum also houses original furnishings and artwork from the era.

It offers train rides

For those who enjoy historical and cultural attractions, a trip to the Pueblo Railway Museum is a must. Located adjacent to the historic Union Depot in downtown Pueblo, the museum features many restored vintage locomotives and carriages. The museum also has outdoor storage tracks, which are used to display their preserved fleet of passenger and freight cars. Train rides can be booked in advance, and a full schedule of public events is available.

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It has artifacts from five major railroads

The Pueblo Railway Museum is a railroad-themed museum in Pueblo, Colorado. The museum’s mission is to promote railroading and preserve local railroad history. In addition to exhibiting railroad artifacts, the museum also features the Pueblo Union Depot, which holds historical and vintage pieces. In addition to the museum’s main exhibit, the Southeastern Colorado Heritage Center also houses smaller indoor exhibits, shared by several historical organizations.

It is an educational opportunity

The Pueblo Railway Museum has several operating artifacts from the Colorado & Wyoming Railroad. Other exhibits include vintage equipment from the Santa Fe and Denver & Rio Grande Western railroads. The museum also offers Pueblo Express Christmas train rides that drew over a thousand riders last December. The museum collaborates with the Kentucky Steam Railroad, which also has a railroad museum.

Train rides are available at the Pueblo Rail Museum, which is part of the Pueblo County & City of Custer County Partnership. The museum is free to enter and is a 501(c)3 tax-deductible organization. The museum is supported by a community services Advisory Commission, the City of Pueblo, and the County of Pueblo. Ticket prices include admission and educational handouts.

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