May Natural History Museum

Visit the May Natural History Museum Colorado Springs CO for a unique educational experience. This museum showcases over 7,000 insect specimens. Located at 710 Rock Creek Canyon Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80926. This museum is the largest privately-owned bug collection in the world, and its collections include colorful moths, intricate arachnids, vivid butterflies, shiny-backed beetles, and more. Visitors will also enjoy a gift shop that sells educational gifts and fun trinkets.

With more than 60 natural and manmade attractions, this town offers a unique, exciting experience. Not everyone can experience them all in one trip. We decided to tackle 55 of them during our stay. It was an unforgettable experience! After visiting the May Natural History Museum Colorado Springs CO, we toured the town’s other major attractions. In the city, we visited several historical sites and enjoyed a fun day at the Colorado Springs Zoo and Pikes Peak National Observatory.

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The historical site of the city of Colorado Springs is the Glen Eyrie Castle. This imposing structure was built in the late 1800s by General William Jackson Palmer, who wanted a large home for his family. The general later converted the structure into a castle. Today, the Castle is operated by the Navigators, a Christian evangelist organization. Visitors can take a 90-minute guided tour to learn about the history and culture of the building. Alternatively, you can book the castle for a wedding or other event.

Despite its historic significance, the Anasazi Pueblo building is the most important museum in Colorado Springs. Here, visitors can see the ancient dwellings of the Anasazi people who lived in the red cliffs between 800 and 100 years ago. The Cliff Dwelling was moved from Mesa Verde in 1907 and was opened to the public. If you visit the May Natural History Museum Colorado Springs CO during your visit, be sure to plan to spend time exploring the museum’s exhibits.

Visitors can also visit the historic Reynolds Ranch House on North Gate Boulevard. This Victorian-style home is a State Historic Property and is a favorite among locals. Visitors can also visit the museum’s Western Museum of Mining and Industry. This museum features mining equipment and historic artifacts from the western United States. Afterwards, guests can enjoy afternoon tea in the museum’s cafe, which serves local cuisine. In addition to the May Natural History Museum, Colorado Springs CO is home to the Colorado Springs Zoo and Western Art Museum of Mining and Industry.

Garden of the Gods is another top destination in Colorado Springs. This nature park is home to countless bizarre sandstone formations. This is the area’s most popular tourist attraction, and features a variety of exhibits that help visitors understand the area’s unique geology. This is the perfect place to visit with children and adults alike. After spending the day at the May Natural History Museum Colorado Springs CO, you can end your day with an afternoon of outdoor fun at Garden of the Gods.

If you’re not a science-fiction lover, you can spend a few hours at the Pioneers Museum in the Old Town Center. The Pioneers Museum houses over four thousand objects and is a popular spot with history buffs. The museum features several temporary exhibits, lectures, and special events. And the museum also features a full-size IMAX theater. You can see dinosaur bones and even watch an IMAX film.

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