The community of Ivywild was first established in 1888. William B. Jenkins, a miner and rancher, subdivided his ranch and created 43 lots. He named the neighborhood after his wife, Annie. She was a stockholder in the Ramona Mining Company and her father owned the first hotel in the town, the La Font. By 1892, the town had a post office.

The city of Ivywild is located south of downtown Colorado Springs. The neighborhood sits along Cheyenne Creek. This area was once home to the Cheyenne tribe who built tepees at the confluence of Cheyenne Creek and Fountain Creek. Eventually, settlers Irving Howbert and John Wolfe settled along the creek.

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The median real estate price in Ivywild is $384,184. This is higher than the national average of 63.9%. Rents in Ivywild are relatively low, at $1,612 per month. Compared to most neighborhoods in Colorado, these prices are still below average. This may indicate a future price increase and the addition of new construction.

Residents of Ivywild Colorado include Mrs. Elizabeth E. Wolle, who lives at 1421 X. Cascade. Other residents include Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ogilvy Wood, who live at 227 E. Bijou. Others include Mrs. Maria R. Woolley, who lives at the El Paso Club. Another resident, Dr. Robert H. Briscoe, lives at Colorado Avenue near Third.

The postmaster is James C. Connor, who also lives at 1421 X. Cascade. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Coy resides at Ticknor Hall and College. The residents also include Mr. and Mrs. George Lunt, who live at 220 N. Cascade. A few residents of Ivywild, who were named “The El Paso Club,” include Miss Lucy W. Baker and Mrs. Pauline A. Atchison.

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