Florence, CO

For those looking for a unique getaway in the Rocky Mountains, Florence CO offers numerous options. The city has over a dozen antique shops, which make it an ideal weekend spot for many Coloradans and out-of-state visitors. There are many dining establishments to choose from, including hearty down-home breakfasts, bakeries, hand-tossed pizzas, and authentic Mexican cuisine. For the arts-conscious, Florence CO is home to several art galleries and working artist studios.

For those who are fond of adventure, Florence is home to the world’s highest suspension bridge, the Royal Gorge Bridge. Thousands of tourists flock to this suspension bridge, which also offers the Cloudscraper Zip Line. The city is also a popular spot for outdoor activities, as it is a lot warmer than the surrounding Colorado Springs area. With so much to explore, it is easy to see why Florence CO is such a popular destination for tourists.

The town has plenty of historical significance. It was named after a prominent early American explorer, Senator James McCandless’s daughter. As a result, it is known as the Antique Capital of Colorado. Several historic buildings still stand in the town, and there are many small businesses and boutiques downtown. In addition, Florence has a regional water authority and refuse collection services. The town is also home to the state’s oldest prison, the Conaco Oil Company. More Here

The median age of people living in Florence, CO is 42.3. This includes both native-born citizens and foreign-born residents. This means that Florence, CO residents are getting older. During the census, the average resident in Florence, CO was 38. For those wondering about the ethnic composition of the town, the most common racial or ethnic groups are from Mexico, India, and China. A large percentage of Florence, CO residents are United States citizens.

There are many other ways to explore Florence and the surrounding area. You can even join a local organization to contribute to the city’s history. The Florence Chamber of Commerce provides important information about the town. If you have some time on your hands, you can volunteer at the Florence Historical Museum. The museum’s volunteer work helped clean the building and organize exhibits. The volunteers also catalogued and displayed the artifacts. It is a wonderful place to visit and learn about Florence’s rich history. Next Destination 

The city’s population grew by 7.61% from 2018 to 2019, from 1,474 to 1,582. This growth was attributed to the employment in three main industries: Public Administration, Health Care & Social Assistance, and Construction. While this may seem like an accurate representation of the city’s economy, keep in mind that many people living in Florence, CO work outside the city. As of the 2020 census, Florence, CO is home to approximately 3,822 people.

The Florence Clerk of Circuit Court is responsible for keeping probate records. Probate records are located in Florence Courthouse. You can find information about how to use these records from Wisconsin Probate Records. Probate records contain information on the deceased’s date of death, where they lived, and other vital details. Probate records can also be used to track guardianships and adoptions. There are many reasons to look for probate records in Florence, so make sure you visit these Florence, CO locations!

Florence, CO is home to the Fremont Elementary School, located at 500 W 5th St, Florence, CO 81226. South of the Fremont Elementary School is the John C Fremont Public Library, located at 130 Church Ave, Florence, CO 81226. to get to the John C Fremont Public Library from the Fremont Elementary School, head west on W 5th St toward Lincoln Ave and then turn left onto Lincoln Ave. Turn left onto CO-115 S/W 3rd St and then continue to follow CO-115 S. The destination will be on your left. Southeast of the John C Fremont Public Library is Florence Brewing Company, located at 200 S Pikes Peak Ave, Florence, CO 81226. To get to Florence Brewing Company from the John C Fremont Public Library, head south on CO-115 S toward W Main St and then turn right onto S Pikes Peak Ave. The destination will be on your right. Southwest of Florence Brewing Company is Murco Wall Products Inc, 310 S Union St, Florence, CO 81226, located at 310 S Union St, Florence, CO 81226. To get to Murco Wall Products Inc from Florence Brewing Company, head south on Railroad St toward S Union St and then turn right at the 1st cross street onto S Union St. The destination will be on your right. South of Murco Wall Products Inc is River Valley Plumbing & Heating LLC, located at 250 Moore Dr, Florence, CO 81226. To get to River Valley Plumbing & Heating LLC from Murco Wall Products Inc, head southwest on S Union St toward Cedar St and then continue onto Co Rd 74X. Turn right onto Moore Dr and the destination will be on your left. Northeast of River Valley Plumbing & Heating LLC is Fremont Motorsports, located at 600 E Main St, Florence, CO 81226. To get to Fremont Motorsports from River Valley Plumbing & Heating LLC, head east on Moore Dr toward Co Rd 74X and then turn left onto CO-67 N. Turn right onto E Main St and the destination will be on your right. Southeast of Fremont Motorsports is Old World Roofing, located at 1901 E 4th St, Pueblo, CO 81001. To get to Old World Roofing from Fremont Motorsports, head east on CO-115 S/E Main St toward Circle Dr and then turn right to merge onto US-50 E toward Pueblo. Merge onto US-50 E and then take a slight right to merge onto I-25 S toward Walsenburg. Take exit 99A toward 6th St/CO-96 and then turn left onto Albany Ave. Turn left onto E 4th St and then continue straight to stay on E 4th St. Turn left onto N Reading Ave and then turn right. The destination will be on your right.