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Can You Patch a Leaky Roof?

“I have some minor roof damages. Can you patch a leaky roof? Or will I have to hire a roofing contractor?” 

Can You Patch A Leaky Roof? - Old World Roofing
Can You Patch A Leaky Roof? – Old World Roofing

Great question! If you have minor roof damages, then it’s only natural to wonder, can you patch a leaky roof or is this something I can patch up myself? So, let’s talk about when you can patch a roof up by yourself and when you’ll need to call a professional roofing contractor.

New to this log page? Glad to have you! We’re a team of roofing professionals based in southern Colorado. We love educating people about residential roofing and how they can take better care of their homes’ roofs. So, first things first: let’s answer the question: can you patch a leaky roof? Then, we’ll tell you how you can speak with a roofing professional about your leaky roof for free!    

So, when can you patch a leaky roof?

If you’ve been wondering, can you patch a leaky roof, then you’ll be pleased to know that the answer to this question is: yes, of course! Depending on the level of damage, you can certainly patch a leaky roof yourself. Now, the question becomes this: when can you patch a leaky roof?

You can patch a leaky roof when the damages aren’t too severe. So, if you notice large patches of missing shingles, sagging spots in your roof, curling edges on your shingles, or excessive water damage, then chances are, the damages may be too severe to just be “patched up.”

If the damages are small, however, then you may be able to patch up the damages yourself. “Small” damages could look like hail damage or a missing shingle or two.

How would I patch up my own roof?

First things first: if you’re asking this question, then we would recommend NOT doing so! If you’re up for patching your own roof, then you’ll need the appropriate materials and skills. We do NOT recommend patching your own roof if you have no roofing experience or do not have access to the proper materials! Botched roof patch-ups can cause more harm than good, and you could end up with serious problems, such as water and mold damage.   

So then, what do I do if I can’t patch up my own roof? I was hoping I could save some money! 

Good news: you may not have to worry about the repair costs! Roof repairs are typically covered by home insurance. So, if you have a good home insurance policy, then you’ve got nothing to worry about!

Speak with a roofing professional today for free!

Need to speak with a roofing contractor about your repairs? That’s where we can help! As previously mentioned, we’re a team of roofing professionals based in Colorado Springs. If you’re a homeowner in southern or central Colorado, then we’d be happy to repair your leaky roof! Request a free consultation today, and we’ll give you an estimate on your roofing job! We’ll even help you find out if the repairs would be covered by your home insurance!

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