Briargate, CO

Nestled in the charming city of Colorado Springs, Briargate is a thriving neighborhood that combines a strong sense of community with convenient amenities. Located in the northern part of the city, Briargate offers residents a delightful blend of suburban living and easy access to urban conveniences.

One of the highlights of Briargate is its family-friendly atmosphere. The neighborhood is known for its excellent schools, making it an ideal place for families with children. The educational institutions in the area provide a nurturing environment and quality education, ensuring that young minds have the opportunity to flourish.

Briargate is also home to a variety of community parks, playgrounds, and recreational spaces. Families can enjoy picnics, bike rides, or leisurely strolls in the well-maintained green areas that dot the neighborhood. These gathering spots create opportunities for neighbors to connect and build lasting relationships, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.


Convenience is a hallmark of Briargate. The area is dotted with a multitude of shopping centers, including the bustling Promenade Shops at Briargate. Here, residents can indulge in retail therapy, savor delicious meals at trendy eateries, or catch the latest movies at the local cinema. The neighborhood also offers a range of grocery stores, fitness centers, and other essential amenities, ensuring that everything residents need is within easy reach.

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the proximity of Briargate to stunning outdoor destinations. The nearby Black Forest and Pike National Forest provide endless opportunities for hiking, camping, and exploring the natural beauty of Colorado. For those seeking a more leisurely outdoor experience, the neighborhood’s well-manicured golf courses offer a relaxing day on the green.

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Briargate’s location provides convenient access to major highways, allowing for easy commuting and exploration of the wider Colorado Springs area. Downtown Colorado Springs, with its vibrant arts scene and cultural attractions, is just a short drive away, offering residents a taste of urban excitement whenever desired.

Whether you’re drawn to the strong sense of community, the convenience of amenities, or the proximity to outdoor adventures, Briargate has it all. Embrace the welcoming atmosphere, enjoy the family-friendly environment, and take advantage of the convenience that Briargate offers. This thriving neighborhood is ready to welcome you with open arms and make you feel right at home in the heart of Colorado Springs.

Briargate, CO is home to Academy Christian Church, located at 1635 Old Ranch Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80908. Southeast of Academy Christian Church is Blue Skies Transportation Ltd, located at 9953 Sully Ct, Colorado Springs, CO 80920. To get to Blue Skies Transportation Ltd from Academy Christian Church, head east toward Montezuma Rd and then turn left toward Montezuma Rd. Turn left onto Montezuma Rd and then turn right onto Old Ranch Rd. Turn right onto Lexington Dr and then turn right onto Craycroft Dr. Turn left onto Pleasanton Dr and then turn right onto Sully Ct. The destination will be straight ahead. South of Blue Skies Transportation Ltd is Back East Bar & Grill, located at 9475 Briar Village Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80920. To get to Back East Bar & Grill from Blue Skies Transportation Ltd, head south on Sully Ct toward Pleasanton Dr and then turn right onto Pleasanton Dr. Turn left onto Craycroft Dr and then at the traffic circle, take the 1st exit onto Chapel Hills Dr. Turn left onto Lexington Dr and then turn right onto Pine Village Way. Turn right onto Briar Park Point and the destination will be on your right. East of Back East Bar & Grill is Briargate YMCA, located at 4025 Family Pl, Colorado Springs, CO 80920. To get to Briargate YMCA from Back East Bar & Grill, head east on Briar Park Point toward Pine Village Way and then turn left onto Pine Village Way. Turn right onto Lexington Dr and then turn left onto Briargate Pkwy. Turn right onto N Union Blvd and then turn left onto Family Pl. Turn right and the destination will be on your left. South of Briargate YMCA is Frontier Elementary School, located at 3755 Meadow Ridge Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920. To get to Frontier Elementary School from Briargate YMCA, head north toward Family Pl and then turn right onto Family Pl. Turn right onto Austin Bluffs Pkwy and then use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto Rangewood Dr. Turn right onto Meadow Ridge Dr and the destination will be on your left. Northwest of Frontier Elementary School is Kura Japanese Restaurant, located at 3478 B, Research Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80920. To get to Kura Japanese Restaurant from Frontier Elementary School, head east on Meadow Ridge Dr toward Rangewood Dr and then turn left at the 1st cross street onto Rangewood Dr. Turn left onto Research Pkwy and then turn right. Turn right, turn right again, and the destination will be on your right. South of Kura Japanese Restaurant is Old World Roofing, located at 4750 Chromium Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80918. To get to Old World Roofing from Kura Japanese Restaurant, head west toward Research Pkwy and then turn left toward Research Pkwy. Turn left toward Research Pkwy and then turn right at the 1st cross street onto Research Pkwy. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Lexington Dr and then turn right onto Rangewood Dr. Turn right onto Austin Bluffs Pkwy and then turn right onto Sapphire Dr. Turn left onto Chromium Dr and the destination will be on your right.