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Beulah Valley, CO

The median household income in Beulah Valley, CO is $70,419. This is higher than the United States’ average of $65,712 per year. The average income per person also increased from $56,500 in 2008, a 24.6% annual increase. However, Beulah Valley, CO is still lower than the state’s median, which is $77,386. Here’s a look at the top paying jobs in the area.

In 1840, settlers began to settle this small town. They called it Fisher’s Hole, but the name changed when a Reverend Gaylord organized a vote to change the settlement’s name. The new name is Beulah, which comes from the biblical passage Isaiah 62:4.

Beulah is located in Pueblo County, Colorado. It has a population of approximately 518 as of 2020. During the winter months, temperatures drop to the low 30s. However, the warmest months are June, August, and September. The coldest month is December. The Colorado Fuel & Iron plant closed in Pueblo many years ago, causing a transition for the city. Ranching and irrigated farming remain the main economic industries, but tourism has grown.

The percentage of US citizens living in Beulah Valley, CO is 94.9%, higher than the national average of 93.4%. While the number is lower than average, Beulah Valley, CO still has a large proportion of military personnel. A recent AreaVibes poll indicates that residents like Beulah Valley, CO. It is also home to several restaurants and grocery stores. It is the ideal place for those who love eating out and exploring the area.

The climate is pleasant year-round, but winters can bring harsher weather than the rest of Colorado. Beulah is prone to severe thunderstorms, which can result in large hail. In June 2001, a thunderstorm in the valley produced hail 2 inches in diameter. Tornadoes have also been spotted near the area. Last year, in June 2015, a tornado hit Beulah directly. This can be a frightening experience and is something to be prepared for.

The climate in Beulah is considered a humid continental climate, but the region is too dry to qualify as a subtropical highland climate. However, there are other climates in the area. The climate in Beulah is classified as a humid continental climate (Dfb), but the average July temperature is just above the 22 degC threshold for Dfa designation. If you’re planning to spend the night in Beulah, consider staying in a hotel or motel close to the town center.

In 1871, the Valparaiso City Public Graded School opened. It was built on the site of the current Central Elementary School. The school is located at 1700 Central Ave North, Beulah, North Dakota. Proof of residency is required for address changes. There are also schools in Beulah, such as Beulah Middle School (6001 West Nine Mile Road) and Bratt Elementary School (5721 North Hwy. 47).