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A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Clean Gutters

A Beginner’s Guide: How to Clean Gutters Yourself


  • How to clean gutters:
    1. Start with safety; ensure your ladder is sturdy and have a spotter.
    2. Gather essential tools: ladder, bucket, trowel, hose, work gloves, and safety goggles.
    3. Begin at the downspout, removing large debris by hand or with a trowel.
    4. Flush the gutters with a hose to identify clogs and check for leaks.
    5. Clear the downspout using the hose and disassemble if necessary.
    6. Give the gutters a final flush to ensure proper water flow.
    7. Inspect for rust, damage, or loose parts, and repair as needed.
    8. Dispose of debris responsibly and clean your tools.
  • The drawbacks of DIY gutter cleaning:
    • Safety risks due to working at heights on a ladder.
    • Potential for ineffective cleaning and recurring problems.
    • Hidden damage or issues may go unnoticed.
    • Limited equipment compared to professional tools.


How To Clean Gutters - Old World Roofing
How To Clean Gutters – Old World Roofing

Maintaining your home is a labor of love, and one often-overlooked task is cleaning the gutters. It’s a chore that can seem manageable, even tempting to do yourself. So, you’re probably wondering how to clean gutters yourself. While we applaud your DIY spirit, there are certain nuances and risks involved that might make you reconsider.

More on that in a minute. First, let’s talk about how to clean gutters yourself.


How to Clean Gutters (for Beginners)

1). Safety First: Before climbing even a single ladder, make sure it’s sturdy and on level ground. Always have a spotter to hold the ladder and never overreach or lean too far.


2). Gather Your Tools: You’ll need a ladder, a bucket or bag for debris, a trowel or scoop, a hose, and work gloves. Safety goggles can protect your eyes from falling debris.


3). Begin at the Downspout: Start at the end farthest from the downspout, removing large debris like leaves and twigs with your hands or a trowel. Place the debris in your bucket or bag.


4). Flush the Gutters: Once you’ve cleared the visible debris, use a garden hose to flush the gutters. This will help you identify clogs and ensure water flows freely. Check for leaks in the gutter seams as well.


5). Check the Downspout: Ensure the downspout is clear by using the hose to flush it. If it’s clogged, you may need to disassemble it to remove obstructions.


6). Final Flush: After clearing the downspout, give your gutters a final flush to remove any remaining debris and check for proper water flow.


7). Inspect and Repair: While cleaning, keep an eye out for rust, damage, or loose parts. Repair or replace damaged sections promptly.


8). Clean Up: Dispose of debris responsibly and clean your tools to prevent bacteria growth.


The Downside of DIY Gutter Cleaning

Now you know how to clean gutters! But DIY gutter cleaning comes with several drawbacks that may outweigh the satisfaction of a job well done:


Safety Risks: Working at heights on a ladder can be hazardous, leading to accidents and injuries if not done with utmost care.


Ineffective Cleaning: Without the proper tools and equipment, you may not effectively remove all debris and clogs, leading to recurring problems.


Hidden Damage: DIY cleaning doesn’t typically involve a thorough inspection. Potential damage or issues with your gutters may go unnoticed.


Limited Equipment: Professionals have specialized equipment, like pressure washers and gutter guards, which ensure more efficient and lasting results.


Leave Gutter Cleaning to the Experts

While the idea of a DIY project might be appealing, some tasks, like gutter cleaning, are best left to the professionals. With their expertise, equipment, and commitment to safety, gutter cleaning professionals can ensure your gutters are thoroughly cleaned, maintained, and free from issues.

That’s where we can help. Old World Roofing offers an award-winning gutter cleaning service in Colorado Springs, CO. We’ll clean your gutters and identify problems before they become larger issues. Learn more today, and contact us to claim your free estimate!

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